SimAngus & Balancers
Beef to satisfy consumer demand has to be our end product goal and
profitable for the producer as well as all segments of the beef industry.  
I started as young as I could with steers in 4-H, one Shorthorn steer
broke to ride with his rope halter, and an Angus steer winning the
Grand Championship at the Ozark Empire Fair, then the fall of 1953
starting FFA with my first registered Angus cows to upgrade to the
quality and performance to sell breeding bulls the spring 1962 after the
Mizzou Meats Judging and Livestock Judging Teams in 1959 and
1960, invaluable experiences in carcass work and live animal

     In 1963 I topped the Angus at $1650 selling to an AI stud in the 2nd
Missouri All Breed Performance Tested Bull Sale.  I sold bulls in that
sale, two of the local Angus Ass’n sales that had shows with their
sales, and the West Central Missouri PerformanceTested Bull Sales for
many years.  These sales all had shows or conformation grading with
the sales to help promote my herd.  Ultrasound was initiated in the 60’s
on my bulls for leanness, more muscling, and later for marbling. This
all must be in my blood as my grandfather was big in the Shorthorn
breeding business and my dad bred palomino saddle horses.  A real
thrill was when my family, my wife Pat, my daughter Cindy, and my son
Mark helped to show cattle at the Missouri State Fair, and my kids
showing at the Saline County Fair and was highlighted in the National
Junior Angus Show with Mark winning his heifer class.

The Balancers started in the picture nineteen years ago followed soon
by the SimAngus and the Professional Beef Genetics Bull Alliance as a
founding member along with John E Rotert as a partner in  the
Rotert/Harriman seedstock and feeder cattle placement business until
his passing.  We developed several cooperators to produce more
seedstock where we selected and managed all the genetics for
superior bulls and replacements.   He was a real inspiration to work
with because of his total blindness  and one of the very best cattlemen
in the country and a pleasure to work with.  

Now, Harriman Santa Fe “Bob” has carried on with the cooperators
and his own cows to produce one of the very top Balancer bulls in the
breed.  “B006” is at the top or near the top bull in the entire breed for
the Feeder Profit Index, marbling, calving ease, and yearling weight
epds.  The indexes for both the Balancers and the SimAngus are at the
“Top of the Breed” and average in the teens and twenties percentiles.  
Both breed types are coming on strong.  
DNA is used to test for coat color, horned/polled, genetic
abnormalities, and genomic epds for more accuracy and increase the
value of my customers’ cattle.  
Every day the Harriman Santa Fe reputation program has the
commercial cow/calf operator profits in mind as well as all segments of
the beef industry.  
A life time experience in the cattle industry